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From Seed-to-Bottle

The Juggling King Rum Company breaks boundaries with its unique heritage, pioneering research and development and distillation process encompassing a superior and original flavour.

A seed-to-bottle rum company that’s setting a precedent with its debut as the first rum company for centuries (if not ever) to use cane cultivated and grown under glass in Guernsey as part of it’s production capabilities.

Every bottle is infused with the island’s colourful pirate trade history, harking back to an era when this precious spirit was smuggled across the Channel Islands by some of Europe’s most lawless merchants.

Hiding in plain sight and shrouded in mystery, The Juggling King’s nerve centre sits behind door Number 34 of Guernsey’s Old Quarter, just a short stroll up from the island’s bustling port.

It’s here, in the heart of Guernsey, that this unique rum is meticulously distilled and bottled, taking its rightful place in the finest bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers across the world.

The Juggling King will quench the growing thirst for rum that’s rippling across the globe, promising a refreshingly smooth taste in every sip.

Rum, the Next
Artisan Spirit

The Juggling King concept was born after we had the dream to one day produce the only spirit to be distilled and fermented on the island.

Moving on from the production of ale and gin that has characterised the local alcohol market in recent years, We methodically put our plans into motion…and the rest is history.

“We’ve worked around the clock with our master distiller Matthew Lane, crafting a never-before-seen operation to create a sophisticated, multi-faceted rum that boasts an impressive taste.”

Smuggling, Sugarcane and Science

Mischievous by nature, The Juggling King pays homage to the Crown and its connections to Guernsey, as well as its dealings with the Crown dependencies.

The moniker also harks back to the ‘kings’ of smuggling who had to juggle many aspects of their lives and the law in order to earn a living.

So, from smugglers to sugarcane, without which there’d be no rum…

Marvellous by taste, The Juggling King is a seed-to-bottle rum.

Most of the world’s sugarcane is cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates.

As Guernsey is located 49 degrees north, its mild, sunny climate is not an ideal environment for sugarcane to thrive.

However, by capitalising on the substantial acreage of commercial greenhouses studded across the island, the team has developed methods whereby cane can grow all year round.

The Juggling King’s range will house within it a lovingly produced spirit from these local cane crops, creating the first commercial seed-to-bottle spirit distilled in the UK.

Now for the science, are you sitting comfortably?

Yes, then erase that image of an old copper still that is synonymous with spirit production.

Meticulous in its distillation technique, Number 34 boasts an innovative laboratory space where the entire process can be run on a pilot scale and seamlessly escalated to large-scale production.

Put simply, rum is produced from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses or directly from sugarcane juice by the process of fermentation and distillation. The condition under which these processes occur defines the character of the product and can substantially affect the flavour and aroma of the rum.

To this end, Number 34 is equipped to isolate and propagate yeast (another first for Guernsey). The patented yeast will be cryogenically frozen and stored at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures.

It’s by taking this multi-faceted process to create a rum product from seed-to-bottle, that The Juggling King distinguishes itself from the ‘blends and trends’ of the rum market.

With a deeply agricultural approach, the equipment ensures The Juggling King maintains the ability to control and understand all aspects of each of the product’s creation.

Embarking upon this unique journey will allow The Juggling King to deliver a range of premium rums that are consistently magnificent and distinct in taste.

Guernsey’s Rum History

During the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Guernsey merchants in France took an active part in developing the spirit trade, as the production of distilled drinks in the western world accelerated.

It was once observed that the Guernsey folk involved were the main catalyst behind vast shipments of spirits destined for London, the largest and most discriminating market in England at the time.

During the 1730s, interest in Guernsey’s rum trade exploded.

In the 1760s, when the British Government gained greater control over the Isle of Man, Manx traders regularly shipped rum from the Danish West Indies to Guernsey.

The Rum Diary


1,724 gallons of rum were shipped from Guernsey to Southampton


5,062 gallons of rum were shipped from Guernsey to Southampton


An estimated 60 vessels from Holland imported 500,000 gallons of rum, among other spirits, to Guernsey

49,570 gallons of spirits were smuggled through Guernsey in four months, this equated to £411,000 in lost excise and £39,145 in lost customs duties

According to the calculations, the alcohol volume was increased by at least a sixth as water was added to the rum in Guernsey.

Local records of rum have since fallen silent, until now


The Juggling King launches, welcome aboard!

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