Behind the Door at Number 34

Now, while we want to keep a slight air of mystery surrounding our rum; we thought that it was time to give you all a little insight into what goes on behind the door at Number 34.

If you were to step foot into our distillery you might be confused at the lack of a copper still. You see we’ve moved away from this form of production, instead, our distillation method calls for a scientific approach.

Inside the Juggling King’s nerve-centre you’ll find a white space that’s fully equipped with state of the art apparatus.

As the first seed-to-bottle rum to be made in the Channel Islands, and indeed the UK, we handle all aspects of rum production in our laboratory, from juicing our locally-grown sugarcane to creating our own molasses.

We’re also proud to say that we isolate our own yeast, a first for Guernsey. While we know that you can simply purchase yeast, isolating and propagating our own allows us to have greater control over the taste of our rum.

Our patented yeast will be cryogenically frozen and stored at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures.

As time goes on we will, if you’re lucky, give you a more in-depth look at The Juggling King’s distillation process. But for now, here is are a few teaser shots of our master distiller Matthew Lane at work in his custom-made JK lab coat.

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