Cocktail Glassware; The Perfect Pair

When you order your favourite tipple, you’d be forgiven for not paying attention to how it’s served, but there’s a reason why each drink has its own glass. Every glass is designed to best complement the beverage it contains, for example, everyone knows the iconic Martini glass which helps the cocktail hold its structure so that the ingredients don’t separate over time. There’s a whole host of delicious rum cocktails out there, each with their own specific glass to ensure you get the most out of every sip. Here, we’ve picked our top four along with their accompanying drinks.

The Lowball

While this might be the smallest of the four, it can certainly hold a drink that packs a punch. Also known as the Old Fashioned, the Rocks Glass or the Tumbler it’s designed for the cocktail to be built in the glass before serving.

It is usually used to serve higher-proof, hard spirit-based cocktails with a small splash of mix or straight with ice.

Quick sips:

Mojito or Caipirinha

The High Ball

Alongside the High Ball, there is also the Collins Glass or the Delmonico Glass, and each of them has its own characteristics.

The Delmonico is the shortest of the three and is slightly flared.

The High Ball sits in the middle.

The Collins is tall, straight and narrow.

The tall nature of these glasses means that they are best suited to drinks that are served cold and often with carbonated mixers.

Quick sips:

Rum and Coke or Dark and Stormy

The Hurricane

Developed by New Orleans tavern owner Pat O’Brien in the 1940s, this tall curvaceous glass is used for a variety of beverages, specifically tropical cocktails.

Originally designed for the rum-based cocktail of the same name, the Hurricane, it’s also associated with a Pina Colada.

Tropical tipples:

Hurricane or Pina Colada

The Zombie

It’s another case of what came first the drink or the glass? This time it was the cocktail. The Zombie was developed in the 1930s at the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood.

It’s a rum-based cocktail that’s perfect for Halloween and is served in this tall glass of the same name.

Spooky swigs:


So, the next time you order one of these rum-based cocktails you’ll know why the bartender reached for that specific glass, there is method in the madness!

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